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A couple months later I came across a deal to good to pass up. A technician at work wanted to turn his personal TSX back to stock and seeing how I had just started modifying mine he offered to swap me his Comptech Icebox and his Progress rear sway bar in exchange for my stock parts. Of course I accepted this offer!

After installing the sway bar and intake the laggy drive-by-wire and rev hang had become too much to bear. I tracked down a used 2008 TSX 6MT ECU from friend at a scrap yard in California. Ended up only having to pay $108 for it. Then I got a hold of John fomr and purchased a Hondata Flashpro and the CAN cable needed for my 2006. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of these parts or their install since I didn't find it all that excited to do.

After driving her for a few months I finally passed the 100k mark. She still felt great to drive but I was worried I may end up needing a clutch soon. The pressure plate was starting to make noise when I shifted and the clutch master was squeaking all the time.

I didn't take any pictures of the first modification which was installing the EM2 clutch master cylinder to remove that silly damper that in part of the original TSX one.

After installing the new EM2 OEM CMC I moved on to my new clutch kit. I chose the Competition Clutch 11.5lb flywheel, and their Stage 4, 6 puck sprung clutch kit. I have used this setup in a few previous cars and I have always loved it so I went the same route with my new car.

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