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I have had some parts laying around since I sold my RSX Type-S a few years ago. I bought all of these parts new from the dealer to install into my RSX when I did a K24a2 swap but I ended up doing the swap twice when the first motor was bad and never reinstalled them to the motor I ended up selling the car with.

Pictured parts:
RSX Type-S oil pump (modified for K24a2)
RSX Type-S oil pan
RSX Type-S windage tray
RSX Type-S bolts (For oil pan, oil pump, windage tray)
RSX Type-S Oil pump chain and guides are inside the pan as well
There is also an RSX 50 degree VTC I already sent another K24a2 VTC out to be machined to 45 so I won't be using this since it is kind of risky in a K24a2.

I also have a shaved K series valve cover.
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