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Originally Posted by CalgaryTSX View Post
Killer deal on the 2008 TSX manual trans ECU. I've been shopping for a deal on the same ECU for years.
Going straight to FlashPro is right way to go.

I was going to post that you had installed way too much clutch for a street TSX, then I saw your last post!

That clutch will be fine!
Also keep an eye on for the manual ECU! I found mine at an LKQ in California. A quick phone call and Paypal transaction later and it was on it's way to Florida. I checked every day for a few months before I found it. These guys (Redline Performance USA-CA(Rancho-Cordova) E-mail 916-853-1122) show to have one in stock right now but they are asking $400 for it.

The clutch has great street manners. Just have to have the RPMs a tiny bit higher than with the stock clutch when you leave a light to avoid hearing it chatter. I installed it now to have some miles on it before it sees the increased horsepower. It's hard to stay out of boost to break in a new clutch.

I have had great luck with the competition clutches on several other cars. Surprisingly the pedal effort between OEM and this is almost identical. I won't say that's a fair comparison for anyone else and their TSX on here since mine was the original clutch at over 100k miles so the throw out bearing grease was dried out and the pressure plates seem to feel stiffer with age. I also have an EM2 clutch master cylinder which may have some effect on that as well. I also haven't driven a car with a stock clutch/pressure plate in years. All of my previous cars have always been modified.
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