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Hi, what's your 'budget"? or better: what are your 'goals', where do you want to go/where do you want this to end?
Like bcp said, supercharger, but that will chew a rather large hole in your pocket/wallet. If you have to have this installed, add a handfull of dollars. Also: do you have a way to 'control/program' this s/c, and other hardware you may want to install/have installed - Hondata and programmable ECU needed!!
On the 'cheap/budget' end (also meaning of course less power gains, not necessarily torque only): 1) Get rid of parts that cause parasitic drag - Get a Lighter flywheel, lighter pullies, lighter rims, throw out the a/c pump (that's around 20 hp gain alone, but who does that, on a dd??) 2) Make the car lighter; get rid of ALL unneeded extra weight. ie tools, spare tire, gym bag, child seats, install a lighter/single outlet exhaust etc.... all the way down to throwing out carpets and rear seats, depending on how far you want to go.
BUT: Do not await any kind of 'break neck' acceleration, no matter what, s/c, t/c included! The TSX never was, and will never be a race horse!
I from my own experience have too close to or slightly above 300 n/a hp's. YES, you (I) do notice a considerable gain in power, but far be it from whiplash, and i would think bcp would agree that his s/c is a pleasant additive, but if these parts/changes were to be done to/on a smaller/lighter vehicle, the changes would be more noticeable.


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