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TSXXXX's 04 NHBP 6 speed build. 320,000 + miles and counting

Hi guys, been meaning to make a thread for awhile now.

My name is Elliot and this is my TSX.

Little background on the car. I don't know a ton about it. Saw it on a Chicagoland facebook group and after some research on the numerous problems 04-05s have I went and looked at the car and brought it home.

I live in Chicago and my previous project was a EG2 Del Sol with the OEM b16a3. Had the car for almost a decade until it was stolen in front of my apartment. Decided that as long as I lived in Chicago I wouldn't have a modded Honda. Bought a CBR600 in the spring thinking it'd hold me off, but just over a year after the Del Sol was stolen, the TSX made it's way into my garage.

YES! The car has 320,000+ miles. It's far from perfect. The bumpers are rough as hell and the hood has rock chips for days. There's a couple rust spots including a big spot on the drivers rear door. The left side is definitely worse than the right which tells me it sat on the side of the road and got snow and slush plowed into it alot.

The previous owner picked it up for a daily for his 2 kids so it had to be safe. He went through the usual probs, shakey axles, a/c compressor was dead, PS leaks. It had new oem Acura axles, a new A/C compressor, a bunch of new suspension bits, and a few other tasteful mods.

I never really liked TSX's UNLESS they have the aspec lip kit. The previous owner had sourced the front lip and sides, had it lowered on springs, and found some Accord sport wheels. He also did a full buff and polish and made the most of the paint on the car. After a quick test drive I was surprised it was as solid as it was. Too bouncy for me but that would be addressed.

After taking the car home I honestly only wanted to add a 8" JL audio sub/amp, a few interior mods, and coils eventually. As I dug more and more into the forums I found the RL brake upgrade and a week later the calipers and brackets were ordered.

After installing the sub/amp off the rear 6x9 wires. I immediately realized I'd need to ditch the stock amp and the weird EQ it sends to each channel. This opened the door for a full audio set up. Figured if I was going to do it I'd at least do an amp for the door speakers/sound deadening material/etc.

After stockpiling parts all fall I drove to my hometown for Christmas and also to utilize the shop my parents have.

Huge shoutout to Marcus and the gang at heeltoe automotive. Not only did I get alot of aftermarket stuff but ordered over $300 in random odds/ends/hardware from their OEM parts database.

Mod list of what I've done so far. Future plans include putting more miles on her! I may pick up a spare k24a2 swap to build in case the 320k mile motor decides to quit. Oh that and get the RL brakes on asap too.

Tein Flex-Z Coils
Hardrace front camber kit(already installed)
Ingalls rear camber kit (already installed)
New OEM front LCAs (already installed)
New OEM RSB end links (what a PITA)
Rolled fenders/trimmed fender liners
25mm Ichiba spacers front/no name 25mm spacers rear

RL caliper BBK (didn't get to install these bad boys, snapped a bleeder in one of the calipers smh)
12.8 Nissan 350z Brembo equipped rotors (also waiting to go on)
Stainless front lines
EBC Redstuff pads front and rear
Fastbrakes rear BBK 12.3" rotor (I believe)

Mugen grille
A-Spec front/sides/rear lip (rear lip still needs paint/installed)
STI front lip
Side skirt extenders
Painted chrome window trim with SEM trim paint
Custom headlights (no amber reflectors/leds)
6k HID bulbs
6k license plate LED lights
6k reverse LED lights
06-08 windshield wiper arms (HUGE yet subtle difference)

Ktuned MC/line/slave cylinder (to be installed)
Hybrid racing shifter bushings (to be installed)
New OEM Acura Axles (already installed)

Fugen Pedals
Ebay dead pedal (perfect fit)
Buddy Club shift knob
Crown Royal shift boot
6k LED interior lighting
Had a OEM tape player - replaced with a standard cubby)

Stock head unit
Rockford Fosgate line driver
JL W6/JL matched box
Alpine Type S 6.5" components front, 6.5" coax
Metra speaker brackets
JL e4300 4 channel amp
Alpine MRP-500
Alpine Bass knob
JL 4 ga power cable throughout
JL 4 ga ground wires inside.
Knuconceptz RCA's and speaker wire
Did the "Big 3" upgrade with 4 ga wiring. Including a power cable from the alternator to the battery.
JL Audio batter terminals
JL Audio inline maxi fuse
JL Audio distribution block
GROM bluetooth integration
~40 sq ft of sound deadening material and ensolite in the trunk/trunk lid/doors.

Okay pics:

When I bought it:

My EM2 peeking through in the back. Been in my family 10+ years and 286,000 miles on her too!

A week after I bought her.. I planned on mostly leaving her alone.

New headlights:

The parts pile:

04-05 vs 06+


And the teardown:

2004 NBP TSX 6-speed non-navi with 320,000 miles
Build Thread:
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