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Originally Posted by phen8tk View Post
Wholly cow... that's a awesome build and a very impressive list of mods. Definitely puts my list to shame. Thanks for sharing!

Bummer that your Del Sol was stolen. My cousin had a very clean EK Civic hatchback with a JDM B16A engine installed, and that was stolen in front of his house too. I love the 90's era Hondas, but man they're just too easy to steal.

What brand of sound deadener did you use, and how is it working for you? I was planning to sound deaden the doors when I upgrade my speakers, but haven't decided what to use. Does the Ensolite layer also help to reduce the noise?
Thanks man, and yeah there are 9+ cars stolen every night in Chicago. It's a joke.

The sound deadener I used is here:

Using a heat gun to prep the adhesive it worked really nicely. I've barely driven the car 5 miles so I'll report more back on if its quieter. I used a ton of deadener and ensolite on the doors in hopes of killing a few DB of road noise and providing something solid for the speakers to work with to "warm" the mids so they don't sound so "tinny"

Now that I'm looking at it, I only used 36 sq ft of sound deadener. If I could do it again I'd order 2 kits and double layer EVERYTHING. People said 80 mil is too thick for contours but with the roller and some force I didn't have a problem. Pry going to add a few layers to the trunk as it doesn't stand a chance to the JL W6 right now.

2004 NBP TSX 6-speed non-navi with 320,000 miles
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