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New 2013 TSX Owner from SC...Hey Y'all!

So I am in the minority in the South Carolina. The unspoken rule is in the city or burbs of in South Carolina is if you are a guy you own a a SUV and if you in the country you own a pickup while the females own a Crossover/SUV. I actually was made fun of a few years ago by my niece for my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport - she asked why I drove a "girls car" I have had everything from a Tercel to a Cherokee to a Jetta TDI and now that my TDI may hopefully be sold post-emission fix to a nice person I have what i believe to be the most fun vehicle I have ever owned! Only had it since 12/31 but it has put a smile on my face every day! May have some questions for y'all about minor upgrades but just wanted to say glad to be part of the club! Will upload a pic of my TSX but on my iPad now and doesn't look like I can do it from here!
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