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Originally Posted by mv1luv View Post
Good work on the progress Id definitely suggest looking into a more battery and better alternator. i have all JL Audio equipment (1001/1,300/4, 12"W6's,) and ya replacing a blown out alternator out of town with hands tools sucks...
Battery will be upgraded whenever this one takes a dump. I'm only pushing ~65x4 for the doors and ~500 or less for the sub so I think I'm good with a factory alternator. If anything I'd just add a battery in the trunk before adding a HO alternator. Big 3 must have helped for what it's worth because I don't have any light dimming going on when the sub hits.

The equipment you have listed is like almost twice the output that I have so I'm not surprised you had problems lol.

Originally Posted by CG1120 View Post
Nice build! The accord sport wheels have a perfect looking fitment
Thanks, but they're also with 25mm spacers in the later pics. They're 18x8 +55 so with the spacers a +30. With the 235/45 tire it's scrape central on my fender liners.

2004 NBP TSX 6-speed non-navi with 320,000 miles
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