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Member Intro

Whether you're a New Member or an existing one who's only now decided to come out, please stop by here to say Hi to everyone.
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TSX General Car Topics

General Discussion About The Acura TSX & Related Queries.
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Dealership Experience

Raise Positive & Negative Heads-Up With Acura Dealership Customer Service & Experience.
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Info Center

Engine / Transmission / Exhaust Systems

Intakes, Headers, Exhausts, Superchargers, & etc.
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ECU Tuning

FlashPro, K-Pro and All Engine Tuning.
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Suspension / Chassis / Brakes

Coilovers, Struts, Springs, Chassis Bracing, Stabilizer Bars, Calipers, Brake Pads, etc.
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Wheels / Alignment / Tires

Cast, Forged, Multi-Piece Wheels, Tires, Alignment Specs, etc. Sponsored by: Discount Tire
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Bodykits, Spoilers, Weight Reduction, Safety, etc.
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Electronics / Lighting / Sound Systems

In-Car Entertainment, Security Systems, Electronic Gadgets, Lighting, etc.
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Car Care / General Maintenance / DIY

Detailing & Care, Service Tips, DIY, Fluids & Lubricants. Sponsored by:
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Autocross & Road Racing

1/4 Mile, Auto X, Regulated Racing. No Street Racing Posts
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TSX Image Gallery

Share Your Acura TSX / Honda Accord Euro Related Pictures
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TSX Build Threads

Share your current TSX build project.
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TSX Meets Image Gallery

Share photos and stories from your most recent TSX Meet!
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Automotive Image Gallery

Share Your Automotive Pictures Not Related to Acura TSX / Honda Accord Euro
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General Image Gallery

Want to share pictures of your valuable collections, or any other items Not Related to Automotive industry? No problem! This is the place!
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TSX Classifieds

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Non-TSX Classifieds

For Sale / Want to Trade / Want to Buy. For Non-TSX related. Please Read Marketplace Rules Before Posting / Verification Slip Required
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Diode Dynamics

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Community Help Section

Community Help

Post here if you have any question or require technical assistance on
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Off Topic Section

Automotive Discussion

Automotive Discussions Not Related to Acura TSX / Honda Accord Euro
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Sports Lounge

All Sports Fans are Welcome Here.
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Movie / TV / Music Discussion

For Big Screen, Small Screen, and Audio Entertainment Fans.
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Politics and Religion

The Two Topics that Nobody Agrees On.
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Topics of Sorts

Topics of Sorts is the Place to Talk About Anything, and Everything that Does Not Fit Elsewhere on the Board.
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Newest Tech and Gadgets.
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Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Computer discuss it here.
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Latest Polls of the site.
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Regional TSX Groups

United States

Regional TSX enthusiast groups around the U.S. No Marketplace Threads @ Regional Section
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Regional TSX enthusiast groups around Canada. No Marketplace Threads @ Regional Section
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For TSX / Accord Euro enthusiasts from all over the World. No Marketplace Threads @ Regional Section
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