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Will I Reget Not Getting Navi?

Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade to the TSX and found what I think is a pretty good deal. Its an AT (don't drive stick) 06 TSX Glacier Blue 90k miles without navi, for about 5800k which I might be able to get lower. It looks to be in great condition and is the color I want it in, besides navy. However, it doesn't have the navi option, which I feel gives the car a more premium/luxury feel. Idk if I should jump the gun or not, since I do not think I would be able to find one in good condition and low miles like this in glacier blue or navy, but I plan on having this car for 5+ years and don't want to regret not having navi.

Any thoughts?
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You won't regret getting a 12+ year old, totally outdated piece of electronics in the dash but you will regret getting an automatic transmission.

There are tons of threads with folks who regretted getting an auto trans TSX.
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^ this man speaks the truth, I would rather go for manual>auto any day, in fact I wouldn't even consider a automatic one, but I would seek the navigation model, while outdated, it does make the interior look a lot nicer and since your going 06 model you will have the option to add a backup camera mod and integrate it to the stock nav.

Those stock buttons without nav make the car look cheap imo, at least with a display it looks a lot better on an already old car...
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This is a completely my own subjective opinion, but in a world with smartphones that gets frequent updates, I donít see a real need for factory navigation screens unless it has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Granted, the TSX does a great job integrating the nav unit into the center console, I personally think the nav screen outdates the car due to its low resolution screen, slow controls, and outdated maps. The non nav version, on the other hand looks timeless to me and should outlast the navigation units in terms of reliability.

If I were you, I would just install an aftermarket module that adds a USB port to your system. This would help modernize the cabin and allow you to control the phone with the steering wheel buttons.

As far as the auto vs manual tranny debate, if you drive in heavy traffic or not a hardcore car enthusiast, the automatic will be fine. The only people I see regretting the auto are those who hit performance walls as they are modding their cars. If you have no plans to mod then itís not a big deal.

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Personally I took look one look at a non-nav TSX and never considered it again. While I don't use the out dated navi, the screen and center console layout looks fantastic compared to its non-nav counterpart. If nothing else the backup camera you can add on with the factory navi screen for under $50 makes it all the more worthwhile.

The AT vs MT isn't really a debate here, OP doesn't drive stick.

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OP normally in the used market you don't really have a choice unless you wait for the combo of the car comes up.

Personally, while not make it or break it, I as well as majority of the people would probably choose the nav model over the non nav, if not they are in 100% denial.

Heres both models, while I also agree the screen layout in all other modes are outdated, I keep mine in map mode and its not as bad, keep in mind you can also mod it to display a backup camera and additional video output from tablet or phone, basically it gives you more options.

Speed isn't the main reason I chose over stick over auto, its the driving experience that was also considered even in traffic I still believe this is hands down one of the best transmission ever built, I just love how those gears click into place and still prefer to be shifting this manual over auto any day. Honda was and still is one of the best manufactures in this area. I dont know what it is but the feeling of shifting in this gearbox > newer gearboxes that come out in the manual transmissions.

Back in the early milenials You were probably the ish if you had the navi model and still is. That middle button is simple but so useful, nowadays they are coming out with all these weird knobs wish Honda goes back to the basics

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I've had my 06 TSX 5AT w/ Navi since new and now have almost 150,000 miles on her. Extremely reliable vehicle and it will take you +200,000 miles with routine maint and a few wear/tear items like alternator, power steering pump/rack, or suspension parts. That color of TSX is very hard to find; especially, if the paint in good condition, low mileage, and up-to-date on services. I've handed down my TSX down to my kid in high school back in 2014 and he loves this car and it is still going strong in his sophomore year in college.

My kid doesn't even turn on the navi screen because of being in the smartphone generation. It is just a college run around town car anyways and Navi really isn't needed. He mostly plugs his iPhone in the AUX connection for downloaded pod casts, internet music, or whatever music already on his iPhone. He is also that generation that doesn't like to talk on the phone; but, will text all day. He doesn't get a lot of use from bluetooth handsfree. There is a spot in the center console large enough where you could add an in-dash 1-din stereo system pop-up navi screen. Then you could add bluetooth audio streaming, back-up camera, apple/android carplay, waze, weather/traffic, etc...

The navi looks nice; but, I don't think Acura will support this model year version for much longer with update disks? Acura stopped making update disks for the previous gen navi for the 2004/2005 TSX in 2014 (orange disks). The 06 TSX has an updated navi system and I give Acura 2-3 more years before they stop making white DVD update disks.

Another thing to keep in mind is there are probably 2X-3X more TLs in the same model year as the TSX for just a little bit more in price. The +2006 TL will not handle the same as the TSX and might have a lower reliability compared to the Japan built TSX. The plus side to picking TL or TSX are:
- more hp/tq (the TSX 2.4L and power sucking 5AT can suck at times)
- still get the smooth 6MT in both vehicles if you wanted to go manual
- mpgs are almost the same
- touch more room in TL
- more luxury look inside and out for the TL
- prices can almost be the same for both; mileage and condition determines final price
- just as many mods or you can leave stock for both vehicles
- will need to mod the TL for it to handle like the stock TSX
- almost everyone would take a 3.5L 07/08 TL Type-S in 5AT or 6MT if you can find one at a reasonable price

Another option in the TSX and TL price range is the 1st Gen RDX. It is pretty much a TSX with more room, same tight handling, all weather capabilities, more hp/tq from 2.3L turbo, same excellent reliability, easier to park/maneuver because it is shorter than the TSX/TL, much better 360 degree visibility, more updated tech, and tons of utility if you bike/hike or need to take friends.

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I don't have Navi, and to be quite honest with you. A smartphone acts way more quicker, and with the 6 CD Disc Premium Sound System. It doesn't look that cheap at all, compare it to another affordable car at that year. The TSX was one of the best looking cars for the generation. Interior wise is great, other people have different opinions. I've gotten a Manual.

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I personally was looking for a car without the Navi. I liked the simplicity of the normal stereo. NO IM NOT OLD and hate technology, I am 19. In all seriousness, you will not regret it one bit. Ive used the Navi before and it was horrible. Slow, laggy, and not that efficient when you compare it to something like a newer double-din navi head unit or even your phone.

Its all personal preference when it comes to how it looks, and I do prefer the non-navi, but as of actual functionality you will not regret it one bit.
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Here's my notes on it:

- Navi version center layout looks nicer and more luxurious.
- Ability to add camera easily (06+)
- Center A/C function uses the touch screen (eg. fan speed, a/c force on/off), but not an issue for me since I typically set to full auto and adjust temperate (physical button) accordingly.
- LCD isn't the brightest (old technology, CCFL backlight), in winter it takes longer time to warm up to full brightness.
- I don't use the navigation function, but it is nice to have a backup when I am in areas with no cell reception (although there's Here Offline Maps).
- Time is automatically set by GPS! (no fiddling with the clock at all during Daylight Saving changes or when battery goes flat/disconnected).

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I didn't want nav when I went TSX shopping a couple years ago. I like the look of it, but it is seriously out of date technology today. If you want nav, just buy a current Garmin and it will be up to date.

Buy the nicest, lowest mileage, least modified 1st Gen TSX you can find and enjoy.
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Originally Posted by Edgeman View Post
I didn't want nav when I went TSX shopping a couple years ago. I like the look of it, but it is seriously out of date technology today. If you want nav, just buy a current Garmin and it will be up to date.

Buy the nicest, lowest mileage, least modified 1st Gen TSX you can find and enjoy.
I'm sorry but who even buys garmins anymore?

Google maps ftw

2004 NHBP TSX 6-speed non-navi with 335,000 miles and counting
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Somaek juseyo?
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As someone said, I like having it for the backup camera. Screens in vehicles are still relevant, so it also looks "higher-end" than the basic-looking radio setup of the non-nav, in my opinion. The navigation it does have isn't great, but it is useful in a pinch if your smartphone is dead or has no signal, if you're in the middle of nowhere for instance.

If I did have non-nav though, I would have swapped it out for an Android Auto-compatible head unit long ago.

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