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Defiant 03-25-2019 06:35 AM

best Acura TSX Tires and Wheels?
I bought my TSX and found it handles great but come rain and the grip is OK but as the miles have increased the wet handling is just so-so. With the onset of winter the snow traction is terrible and the road noise seems to be increasing as the miles are put on the tires. Also has anyone experienced bubbles on the sidewalls? My rep at Tire Rack says the tires are marginal to say the least and they can't understand why Acura used Michelin's..they have been reworked to have an XL load rating and at $176 each for replacement's these tires should be better...several of my friends with Jetta's, RSX's and Volvos are not happy with these same tires on their vehicles...anyone else unhappy or problems?

supafamous 03-30-2019 12:53 PM

If you're seeking sporty performance there's lots of great choices in the Ultra-high performance all season category - the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ is the best overall but the tires in this category from Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, and BF Goodrich are all good tires. Can't go wrong with any of them. I ran Continental Extremecontact DWS for about 50,000 miles and now are putting on the successor DWS06 next week so I'm happy with the tires but I would have gone with the Michelins if they didn't weigh a few pounds more (I'm running relatively heavy wheels and every pound matters).

The ratings on Tire Rack are reasonably accurate so best to take a pass at those.

circuitsports 03-31-2019 02:27 AM

Continental Extreme Contact DWS

Michelin is like most tire co's - they focus on initial feel, initial lap times etc but they either get slippery or hard with age, same thing with their bike tires - Conti being an OEM for Mercedes has to produce the kinds of tires you'd expect on an amg 55 that crusies the autobahn every day and weighs a ton with thin sidewalls and comfort - I have 245 45 17's on 17x9 +35 wheels and the grip is retarded - I could actually go down to a 40 to gain some gearing and a wider tire with in DW Summer - but I'd probably fly out the window around turns.

Bubbles are usually from pot holes or curbs etc and the tires Michelin supplies Honda are not the same spec they sell retail aka shxt tire to boost Hondas service bills.

Robardin 03-31-2019 05:37 PM

I am quite happy with my Conti ExtremeContact DWS06's, as someone who can't run summer/winter tires due to having no storage space for the other set of wheels/tires for half the year. Or 7/5 split or whatever it would be.

EDIT: Note, I'm running them on the OEM wheels.

shandalo 03-31-2019 11:11 PM

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Conti DWS06 here too. 235/50/17 on 17x8 +48. Very happy with the grip, comfort, and the wear!

Robardin 04-01-2019 09:23 AM

A newcomer to the Ultra High Performance All-Season tire group is Nokian, mostly known in the US for their winter tires (they're a Finnish company), but the "ZLine" is a recent product that has gotten some excellent reviews.

My wife just got a new-to-her 2016 Civic EX-T and it came with a relatively new set of these tires on it, they seem quite good in the limited test driving I did in her car.

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