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DIY/FAQ Menu DIY/FAQ Main Menu

Welcome to the DIY/FAQ Main Menu

This menu provides easy navigation to other notable threads within our forum, and other links, supporting topics as "How-To" & "Do-It-Yourself", and other help in response to your Frequently Asked Questions. It features individual sub-menus for the 1st and the 2nd Generation models, as well as the below links to topics common to all models.


DIY for TSX 2004 - 2008

DIY For TSX 2009 and Up

Ask a Detailer (swirl removal, touch-ups, etc.)

DOT3 vs DOT4 vs DOT5 - Brake Fluids Explained

Technical Articles By StopTech

Best Wax Discussion

Bulb Replacement Guide

Gasoline Discussion

OEM ACCESSORIES Installation Instructions

Oil Change Tip - "Prefilling Filter"

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Weights

Fender Rolling:
Thread 1
Thread 2
Rim Re-Clearcoating

Rim Repair

Wheel and Tire Calculators:

Window Tinting - State Rules and Laws:


The information contained or linked from herein is intended as an unsupported guidance. Members, moderators, administrators and/or any affiliates of this forum cannot be held liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of the aforementioned content. The user/reader of the aforementioned information assumes all liabilities.

Please report any broken links to cYn.

Please contact cYn if you find any thread/link/info you think would be beneficial to add to these lists of indexes. Anyone who contributes valuable information to our forum receives reputation points from our Staff members.

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