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Alright so I'm finally getting around to putting together this build thread.

So when I first got the car I was 15 and couldn't really afford to do any mods to the car. So from around December 2015 to October 2016 I didn't drive or do anything to the car besides convert the interior lights to LED. During that time span I spent alot of time researching the ins and outs of the top mods to do to this chassis. I decided that I wanted to do the full JDM honda conversion to my car over time.

The first steps I took was to buy a jdm 2004/2005 honda grill on ebay, I believe it was one of the jdm importers in san deigo for $130 shipped. After getting it in the mail and test fitting it I came into the infamous problem of the gap caused by the differences in usdm and jdm bumper. . if anyone is reading this, to help elimiate the gap just start mounting the grill from the center of the bumper not the upper edges. Not knowing this at the time I just decided to take the grill off for the time being while I tried to figure out how to eliminate the gap.

A coupe days later one of my dads friends who owns a jdm importing place called him up and said they were parting out an 04/05 jdm front end and asked if we wanted anything. I instantly asked about the headlights and we ended up going and picking up the pair for $200

These at the time were my favorite part of the car, the amber corners on the stock tsx lights didn't really flow with the color of my car. Since these have a clear corner they flow with the car so much better in my opinion. These are plug and play with the 04/05 tsx, the only thing is that they projectors are RHD instead of LHD. Not the hardest conversion to do but takes some time and patience both of which I had none of lol.

2004 Acura TSX [MSM]
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