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Circa June-August 2017- At this time I had just finished my junior year of high school and I was on summer break, this led to me having a lot of free time and some spare cash to spend on my car. I just found out about my local junkyards and started visiting them quite often and this lead me to start to reselling the various compatible/desirable accord parts to fellow TSX owners. I decided that I should open a TSX specific instagram page dedicated to selling all of the parts I got instead of clogging up my personal page. CL9PARTSFORSALE started as a result of this and has been going strong ever since.

The first things I found out were desirable was the Accord coilpack cover and accord intake manifold cover
In my opinion the black covers look so much better then the silver ones that come with our cars. Along with that the stock coilpack cover has an acura badge on it and replacing that is one more step in the full accord conversion

The next thing I did was order a ikonmotorsports rear aspec lip to match the front one I had, and after spending $200 on the lip and $100 to paint it the fitment was complete garbage even after cutting it up to try to mount it. I ended up peeling it off the car and throwing it away. sigh

Fortunately a couple days later in one of the rsx groups I'm in someone in NJ had just purchased a crashed factory aspec 04 cgp tsx for the engine and was parting out the body. I ended making the 3 hour drive to him and picked up the sideskirts, rear lip and oem window visors for $350.

I immediately dropped the car and the parts off at the paint shop and paid $250 to match the skirts, rear bumper + lip and touch up my front bumper
Apart from a adding a pair of 15mm rear spacers and an 2002 acura TL moonroof visor I was pretty content for mods for a while.

Here's a photoshoot I did of the car after falling in love with how it looked

2004 Acura TSX [MSM]
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