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Dropped the car off to acura, after alot of trouble shooting they determined that the ecu wasn't the problem with the car. The previous owner had the axles changed and whoever did it was clearly not certified to do such a job, thing weren't connected properly and it was just overall a botched job. The mechanic at acura told me it was an improperly grounded speed sensor that had caused the ecu not to give the green light to start. This was the total cost for having the car there for a couple days during diagnostics and repair. Could have been alot worse so I'm not mad at the price I had to pay.

After the acura ordeal the car fires up on the first try and runs as smooth as silk, only problem is the front wheels shake when I get up to speed, which is a telltale sign of nonoem axles. Now the hunt begins to find a set of oem ones to get rid of that.

2004 Acura TSX [MSM]
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