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Not to burst your bubble, but that design isnt going to make a difference. Sharp corners with no gussets, and flimsy load spreader to the circular pads don't look like they can transfer a lot of load. I would focus on boxing the rear seat's back support area. Beef up what you have and add an X brace, which goes from the top of the shock tower to the bottom corner of the other tower. Gussets at the lower bottom corners of the tower will really strengthen the X brace. An X brace without gussets to spread the load onto is just a pretty X brace.

If you dont have access to a mig (gas-less welding is useless) and a sheet metal brake, you can also look at this option The sides and lower end needs more mounting points, also the ridges should be horizontal and not vertical, but something similar is what I'm trying to get to.

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