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Good idea, was thinking the same. I had it towed over to the dealership, because I really didnt trust anyone else around me to look at it. Love asking a local shop if theyre comfortable working on timing chains in VTEC Honda engine, and they go..."yeah, sure, i bet i could figure it out" Nope, off to the dealership it went.

They looked at it today and said that the chain had indeed stretched, and it'll need new chains, guides, etc. But they did say the valves were fine. They did say that the engines insides looked dirty... I asked what they meant by that, like if they meant sludge or something, but he just said 'dirty'. To be fair, this was coming from the service representative, and not the mechanic, so I might have to go there in person and talk to the mechanic.

Now for the crappy part. The estimate for all this is going to be $2500!!!!!!! So now I have to decide between repairing this engine, or buying a new one.. I'd just call it a wash on the car and trade it in, but i do love it, I've had it since it was a baby, and kept really good care of it. I'm just perplexed on why the chain would stretch at only 140k, especially when only using Valvoline full synthetic oil, and most of those miles are highway.. granted the other miles are hard city driving.

I think I'm just going have it fixed, cause if I buy another engine, I'll have to do all this anyways...
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