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Ahh, so chains do stretch out naturally. Everyone always says that you'll never have to replace a chain because they don't stretch. Learn something new everyday

I usually do all my repairs myself, even had a shop at one point. Unfortunately sold that and moved on to the next chapter, and now have no garage or driveway to do repairs I've had really bad experience with mechanics in the past, had my TSX held hostage before, because I refused to pay. (story: took it in for a shimmy in the steering wheel, which ultimately ended up being a bad cv axle. But the shop had no idea what they were doing, they just flushed my power-steering fluid, probably 10 times. Gave me a $600 bill and never fixed the issue. I was ripsh!t. I called the cops when they refused to give me car, but the cops couldn't/wouldn't do anything. The shop made me pay in cash, then I had to take my car to the dealership to fix. Thats when I decided to do all repairs myself or have the dealership do it.)

Anyways, lol, The bill from the dealership, the parts came out to around $1000, and I bet without their mark-up it'd come to around what you paid to do your chain. If I still had a place to do all this, I woulda 100% done it myself.

Thanks! SS
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