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Originally Posted by Robardin View Post
I saw you bump this and the other Flashpro related thread complaining about "jerky" pedal reaction and wanting more "smoothness"

Are you talking about at low speeds? The Flashpro tuning here is more related, I think, to rev hang while downshifting, not so much "I'm in first/second gear and the throttle response feels very on/off at times and my car bucks back and forth as the gas seems to cut off when my revs approach 1K"

I had this impression when I first got my TSX as well (an 07 I got in 2014), what smoothed things out for me was replacing the APP (Accelerator Pedal Position) Sensor, and also just plain getting used to being smoother/slower on the clutch release, and feathering the clutch a bit when slowing down to low speeds even in second gear.

Though I do also have a Flashpro and tuning done, so that could still be a contributing factor.
Did you have an engine code for APP sensor, is that why you did it?
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