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LittleBo etune testimonial...

TL/DR - Contact littlebo for a basic reflash (Acura TSX Forum - View Profile: littlebo)

I am a new 08 TSX Auto owner and had it for about 2 months now. I was contemplating ECU tuning options...Now, keep in mind - this is my DD, it will never have a turbo kit, supercharger, Nitrous etc. I just wanted it to be more fun and responsive and will probably do basic bolt-on's like intake, header and maybe exhaust (if its not too loud, I am getting too old for a loud exhaust) and basic suspension.

As I kept researching tuning options, I realized that for my plans a standalone is totally pointless. I also realized that Flashpro and KTuner were just not worth the money. I settled that I would plan on getting a Hondata Reflash. I did not really want to ship my ECU and immobilizer to them. As I kept researching, I had received a post on my Intro thread from littlebo saying he provides a remote e-tune.

I cannot lie - was I skeptical? Yes. Serge said he would send me a OBD2 to USB cable and an USB flash drive. He would access my laptop remotely and flash it with an updated tune.

But, we talked via PM quite a bit and he answered all my questions as needed. I was at a little more at ease. Within a week, Serge had the cable and flash drive sent to me to my work address. I told him I received it and he said he would be ready when I was.

I brought the cable home with me. Did my evening routine with my kids. I installed teamviewer via the link Serge has provided while I did stuff.

After the kids were in bed, I told Serge I was ready, he was driving back home and told me he would message me when he got home. 20 minutes, later - he said it was "Go time!"

I provided him the username and password. He was on my machine within a minute and started doing his thing.

I plugged the cable and drive into my laptop and the other end into the USB and turned the ignition to the On position, as Serge said. He continued to do his thing. A few minutes later, he had me turn the key off and said he would have to start working on the upload file .

Within 5 minutes, he said he was ready to upload and had me to turn the key back to the On position. He started doing his thing again and within a few minutes, I heard the ECU clicking, clacking and making some noises like firing the fuel pump etc. He then said he was done!

I told him I could not test drive it etc ASAP as the kids were in bed. He said, no worries! Keep in mind, I had not paid him yet. No deposit etc. He said I could test drive the car the next day and pay him. I went to bed.

The next morning, I fired up the car as always to drop kids off and go to work. Started right up, no fuss, no mess. I let it warm up on the drive to school coz Serge said to let it warm up fully before going to town...LOL.

After dropping the kids off, I figured I would see what the car does and my oh my...I was impressed! Throttle response is very apparent. Right from the idle on through the RPM band, the torque is noticeably improved! My 5AT seems to shift a little bit faster, but I am unsure if he changed any parameters on it, honestly. I can tell VTEC engaged has been lowered to somewhere in the 4k-5k range as the car accelerates much more aggressively! Redline has been changed too, I think.

He even had updated my ECU with launch control with a 2000 RPM hold.....Very impressive. I tried it at a stoplight, I did not launch it. I don't know if I ever will, ha. That's not why I had the tune done, so really not a big deal to me. I gladly paid the man for his work!

Serge says this tune will work just fine with an icebox (which I need to install) and one of his headers I need to save up for!

Bottom line - The guy is legit, his communication and customer service is great. His tune had made my car feel completely different and much more enjoyable. I can tell that something has been done, I just don't know all the details, but I don't really care.

Anyways, I figured I would share this experience for what its worth. I am a happy customer! Hope this helps other!
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Wow, that's really impressive. I wish Hondata had a service like that just for a reflash. It's a real big hassle to send in the ECU to them especially for a DD. Personally, I don't know any other tuners who offers a realtime reflash. Even the renown VitViper doesn't provide this type of service.
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Great review! Go Serge!
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Thanks for kind words !!
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Hey also did mind and the car feels great. process was easy and serg is a cool dude.
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mine too !! feels way better up top! especially no more dropping out of VTEC on the factory tune. lol

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What does this cost? This sounds tempting.
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After patiently waiting 3 weeks I finally got my Littlebo ECU Tune. I wont share the process as BlacksheepTSX nailed it perfectly, as my process went exactly how he described it.

I will share my results, experience and most importantly the butt dyno, lol

The car screams now all throughout the RPM range, doesn't fall on its face now around 5k. Smooth, linear, progressive power. Once Vtec comes on at 4600RPM it doesn't throw you in your seat like stock did at 6k, but you hear and feel it for 3k rpms, vs the only 1k rpm range you had with stock. So it makes it earlier and longer. Car is ultra responsive, no hesitation or delay at all. No dead spots in the power band, tq dips or anything. It makes power all throughout the 7700 rpm Redline. Highest I shift was 7k, that is because psychologically I am not used to revving it into the red part on my tach even though I know it can do it now. Either way the car is so much more fun to drive, and really maximized my intake, headers, exhaust and pulley set I bought.

Very easy to talk to and communicate with. Serge is top notch in all aspect and I will echo what others have all said. It is a no brainier to get his tune, it transform the car. I avg 30.8 mpg on a spirited 20 mile round trip after the tune. So reports of more power and better MPG are definitely what I experienced. Perks is he can flash remotely in 15 minutes. No taking apart the car to get the ecu, immobilizer and key. Ship, and wait to have shipped back. Lot of extra steps, and Serge provides convenience, great results and great customer service/communication.
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Just had Serge do my tsx last night, and man I am happy. I know it's been stated before but Serge is a great guy to work with. Very patient, and easy to talk to. My car runs so good. So smooth. Money well spent. Thanks again
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quick question for you guys, can you do a tune first and then install header's later ? or would it be better to wait for the tune ?
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Originally Posted by Drm Powered View Post
quick question for you guys, can you do a tune first and then install header's later ? or would it be better to wait for the tune ?
This isn't a tune. It's a reflash, and can be added before or after other bolt ons and the result will be the same. The serge reflash is great on a totally stock TSX or lightly modded with bolt ons.

A true tune though, you would want all your mods and bolt ons already added, and then tune the car.

2004 NHBP TSX 6-speed non-navi with 335,000 miles and counting
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