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  • Mr.Wes ·
    Hi adam,
    I've been reading up on the gear swap threads into the tsx trans. I also have an 06nav 6-spd tsx. My clutch is wearing out and I will be replacing it soon, which got me thinking about LSD and gear swaps while the trans is out. I'm wondering where people are buying the gear sets from? Do I need all civici si 1-6 gears or can I just get 2-5 (as 1 and 6 are the same)? I'm definitely doing the LSD, but wondering if the gear swap is worth the extra install cost? Do you have any estimate on parts/labor?

    I also really wanted to say thanks for your detailed responses, they've already given me so much info.

    Oh, btw you mentioned that the dakota digital can be adjusted by comparing the gps speed. Could this be done with factory nav or would I just use an iPhone app? Did you end up installing yours?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, you seem to be the most knowledgeable person on the board for this topic. ·
    Hey Man!

    Thanks for the love on this forum with your decals. Nice pictures, we love to see where these decals are placed and how awesome they look!

    Keep it up!

    Richard S.
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