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  • Stock04TSX ·
    Hello there!
    Sorry If this is ignorant, but i cannot see how to search the forum for certain information. For example, I need to find instructions for Aero Kit instalation on 04 TSX, But i do not know how to search for existing Threads. How do i do this ?
    1stimeTSXr ·
    hey, how are things going...i just bought an '04 TSX...sweet ride, i must say. my driver side heated seat button does not illuminate when i turn on my headlites, passenger side this a bulb that i can change on my own or does something like this require the whole console to be removed?. my dealership won't do it because lites are only covered up to 20,00KM (i am in canada). any suggestions? Thx.
    jguerrero82 ·
    how are you? I am a new club member what else should i know, can you help me out. i live in chico cal and not a lot of people have tsx car to hang out with. Can you fill me in on the lates. thanks
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