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  1. TSXClub "Our Cars" Pictures

    1st Gen - Image Gallery
    My 06 6mt, finally got around to giving it a decent wash/wax last week, just in time for some fall color.. :nerd:
  2. Suspension Gallery - 1st Gen (Pics and Specs ONLY!)

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Finally got around to some suspension mods... only took me 7+ years. :grin2: Decided to go with Tein H Techs with Koni STR.T struts and shocks, and also added a TL-S rear sway bar while I was at it, stock alignment specs. updated pic June 2018, now on 9th gen Accord sedan V6 wheels, 215/55/17...
  3. Which Struts/Shocks to pair with TEIN HTECH Springs?

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
    Hello, just thought I’d chime in with my .02 since no one has replied yet, and I just recently (finally!) got around to doing some basic suspension upgrades after owning my TSX for 7+ years now. I decided to go with Tein H Techs paired with Koni STR.T shocks and struts, since based on what I...
  4. Which Struts/Shocks to pair with TEIN HTECH Springs?

    1st Gen - Suspension, ...
  5. April 2015 TSX Of The Month "SimpleK"

    TSX of the Month Winners!
    2nd that!! :tu2: :tu2: Beautiful! :drool:
  6. Acura NSX coming to Detroit, the wait is almost over

    Automotive Discussion
    Hard to believe it'll have been 3 years already since the 1st concept appeared... I realize it's 2014 and all (ok 2015 in this case lol), but it would be really great to see them incorporate some kind of styling cues/touches from the original NSX, however minor. We can wish... :santa:
  7. Honda Says New Civic Type R Will be its Greatest Performance Car Ever

    Automotive Discussion
    One of those rare situations where I suppose ignorance really is bliss... (or could be) i.e. hard to take all the teasing for something we will surely never see here in the U.S. :mecry:
  8. Honda readying Veloster-rivaling concept for Beijing?

    Automotive Discussion
    I think the headline alone is very telling and insightful of the market position and the expectations (or lack thereof..?) that we have of Honda these days... once upon a time (not all too long ago) it would've definitely been the other way around, something more to the effect of "Hyundai...
  9. January 2014 TSX of the Month! "cYn"!

    TSX of the Month!
    My thoughts exactly, good to see something more on the "low key" end of the spectrum get some well-deserved recognition. Car is absolutely perfect. :toocool:
  10. Mugen Replica Visors

    Automotive Discussion
    Agree with some of the others, stick with OEM or the Weather Techs if you're looking to save some $. Personally I prefer the Weather Techs, as I've bought them for 3-4 different cars in the past 10 years, no tape/screws etc and very sturdy, completely satisfied with them.
  11. Honda Gear Concept

    Automotive Discussion
    Love the transparent coverings on the front/rear, noticed similar treatments on the revised NSX concept that came out this week also.
  12. Honda Gear Concept

    Automotive Discussion
    Saw this on another site yesterday, my 1st thought was "yes, this is exactly what Honda needs!" A cool little car at the entry level, of course it would need all the right ingredients to make it great.. a modern version of an EF/ EG Civic. Honda definitely has the ability to make this; after...
  13. Hmm what would you do?

    Automotive Discussion
    I got the chance to drive a Focus ST last summer at a Ford event on a makeshift autocross course... damn that thing was loads of fun to drive, very responsive, handling was scary good, by the end I was really pushing it pretty hard. Awesome car, at least in that environment. In the real world...
  14. Is the steering wheel supposed to be kind of hard to turn?

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    I think I figured out the "problem"... just saw your other thread where you said your previous vehicle was a '99 Ford Explorer. 'Nuff said. :laugh: lol I've driven a few older domestic, rear-wheel-drive based vehicles (including trucks), and the steering is usually a complete mess. I remember...
  15. 2014 Acura RLX replaces SH-AWD with P-AWS

    Automotive Discussion
    ahhh, (class-leading) technology, efficiency, value... welcome back Honda! :king: Here's hoping the magic Honda formula can also return to their "lesser" cars, like the Civic, ILX, Fit, etc sometime soon... :mardi: