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  • Matt Lumpkins ·
    "LOL, just because you can't afford/justify to make a tsx faster doesn't mean its "kind of a waste". Actually, for under $2000 you can make the car decently quick. ("The car is not fast and will never be unless you pt thousands of dollars into it. )."

    i saw your post! I have a 2014 TSX and I really want to make it faster for under 2K. That sounds amazing! haha.
    hungeeee ·

    I saw in one of your posts that you changed the coolant temperature sensor on you tsx. I was wondering if you could help me out by telling me if the cel light went off right away after you replaced the sensor or did it take some time. I changed the sensor today, drained the coolant and did a refill but the light still on. Your help would be appreciated.

    Mayuga ·
    Fastline Performance Stainelss Braided Clutch Line, 03-08 Acura TSX Manual Transmission CL9, 2003-2008 Acura TSX & JDM Honda Accord CL7 CL9 cl.tsx - HeelToe Automotive
    TrueEuroR ·
    Ill be moving to NY in September. Ill be stationed in Fort Drum. i know its far from queens but ill be coming for a meet before the year is out
    NBPCL9Atl ·
    Hey brov. I just wanted to see if you are still interested in the KTeller System i got a call from him yesterday and he is free for the next few to get the exhaust kit going. Just need to know if you are down and some info from you so he can contact ya with a shipping quote and such.
    yea man !! u didnt welcome me ****er lmao !!!!!any day now ill be in my tsx just waiting for the right one!
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