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  • Mr. Modulo ·
    Yea, I think we did meet before, but we didn't chat much haha. If I remember correctly, you bought that carbing trunk brace a while back? not sure, maybe im wrong haha. Plus i loved all your past wheel setups. cant believe you sold the tc105s lol.
    Mr. Modulo ·
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but were you at the meet this afternoon in San Diego? Wanted to chat with ya cause I've always been a fan of your ride.
    wong05tsx ·
    Willing to drop them off in Gardena?

    No packaging necessary. I'll cover shipping cost -- simply take it there, drop off and get an invoice saying they recieved it
    euro argh ·
    they were the password jdm ones, they may look different b/c of the cover from the lip
    they look the same as the ebay ones
    k24jose ·
    yo eddie, wat kind of foglight did u have on ur tsx, looking at old pics u posted they looked clean!! interested in them :D
    RedSun796 ·
    Sup Eddie. Its Rudy from Vegas. In case if you know anyone, my cousin is selling a set of Racing Hart 17" universal 4 with tires. They are the 3 piece rims for $900 obo for them. Let me know if u know anyone. He is in Pico Rivera. Thanks bro. Hows ur school comin along?
    RedSun796 ·
    Hey sup Eddie. Was wondering if you could tell me what size rims u ran on the back of ur ride? Im thinkin of runnin some wider rims on the back. Thinking 18 by 9 or 9.5
    RedSun796 ·
    Whats up Eddie. Hows everything? Check out my new pics. I posted them on my album. Hows school? Take it easy bro.
    jso0on ·
    ay man im down to pick up the coilovers i live in san diego but im down to drive if you can give me a good price
    RedSun796 ·
    I just noticed bro about the TOTM bro. CONGRATS!!! Do you still have the suspension for sale? A member is interested in buying suspension. Let me know if you have it still. Thanks bro. Congratulations again.
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