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    Man i heard...Better line up than last year too with quik, sugafree, too short, & e40!! Really wanna go but I'm gonna be tapped out. Hitting maui late Sept/early Oct.
    Still showing code p2279. Air intake leak.
    I checked as many hoses/connections as I could see in plain view. Nothing.
    Maybe a leak somewhere I can't see.
    Coworker told me to run the engine and spray brake cleaner in certain areas to see if it gets sucked in like a vacuum and that'll help me pinpoint the leak.
    Haven't done it yet though.
    my bro's bday is coming up in a week or so. was thinking about checking out near the L.A. Zoo. good food/drinks/atmosphere. i've gone there a few times on business but haven't had the pleasure yet. trying to see if my bro's available since he's highly sought after haha... i'll keep u posted and some of the other tsx'ers that are down for a bite/drink on a sunny afternoon.
    Nah, haven't tried it. Tried the "end of the world midnight wheat"... DID NOT like it!! Prefer the IPA. Been drinking more craft brews as of late. Might bring some dogfish down...
    Over here where I deliver (562), we're currently out of stock. The only account out here that might have a few is Food 4 Less so give them a shot over in ur neck of the woods.

    If I do take something it's gonna be a lil stronger than shock top. :p
    NBPCL9Atl ·
    Hey brov needing your contact info now for the KTeller system Location and email.... you can private email it too me on my Contact Info tab. Thanks.
    nas liw ·
    hey looks like i didn't reply to you like i thought haha... im in east LA south of South Pas... where you at? Looks like i will be buying these for sure if the GB goes through would to see your and ask a few questions haha. I can meet up tomorrow maybe (fri)? or w/e good with you... my tsx is out of commission atm so cant bring it anywhere but can meet you up where ever?

    text me if anything... i try to come here as much as i can (especially at work haha) 3232701684... my tsx is my new addiction!
    poopydik ·
    Im backkkkkk....Moderateor now nice! might as well all the posting you do! feel like i caught a second breath...Where is our db club gone?????
    Haha...I think I might be due for an oil change sometime soon. I should do it at Gus's so we can all drink.
    The two over here have it so maybe the one's in L.A. have them as well. Lemme know if u still can't find it and I'll get some and we'll drink em at Gus's lol
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