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  • AmazingOne ·
    I just bought a 2010 TSX for my wife and she is really struggling with the headlights. When going down a hill she feels like it is completely dark. Can you point me to some other threads that discuss this topic? I just registered a few minutes ago and still have not had time to review the entire site. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Jays98cobra ·
    no man it doesnt. usually thats a sign of a bad ballast or a ballast thats going. there so cheap now a days the things go ya know. the digital ballasts they have out now are way better. just got my sister a set with 30000k bulbs (pink) for her 06 and they work a million times better. sometimes mine flicker at start up but hardly ever.
    wong05tsx ·
    Hey Jay,

    Just wondering -- on my HID fogs, almost 90% of the time, I have to turn them on 2, someimes 3 times in order to have it come on (Usually it's the right fog that doesnt like to come on). But once they're on they're on... does this happen with yours too???
    ATX-TX Speed ·
    Hey Jay,

    Could you vouch for a member over on the other forum that goes by the screen name Jumpmanbsktbll or real name Ryan LaBarre. We have been talking about swapping rims and I want a reputable person on either of the boards to vouch for this guy before I send my rims to him. He said you would be able to confirm he is a honest guy.
    neo661 ·

    Audioserf referred me to you. He said you can hook me up with a set of the decals for the OEM caliper for my 04 TSX. Could you help me out?

    jumpmanbsktbll ·
    ill give u a call tomorow, slept all afternoon, sick as a dog

    as for the wheels, i still dont know
    im now looking at two completely diff sets..the racing harts were bent, the SSR were bent and the volks - nah

    its going to be either - rays arthur exchange in time attack (mesh style) or Rays 77W in gold...idk what id rather see on my car, i know the gold would look good, and so would the time attacks, lol
    both are 18s btw
    jumpmanbsktbll ·
    Help me out with wheel choice man. IF theyre still all available which they currently are, these are the three im considering:
    Racing Hart C5 true 3 peice silver w/ chrome lip 19x8.5 +50
    Volk Evolution III silver w/ chrome lip 18x7.5 +44
    SSR Competition silver w/ chrome lip 19x8 +51
    ALL are in great condition, no scratches, curbs, anything
    I just cant make up my mind
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