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  • draider57 ·
    now i think ive made up my mind
    and im going with the Tein SS
    read some reviews on them and they say its a stiffer ride than stock
    but not to bad
    and i want to feel the road
    a guy on here told me that the CST might be to VIP style and to much cushion
    so i think im going to go with the Tein SS coil overs
    but im going to deff. get a sway bar to replace the stock one
    draider57 ·
    thanks for everything man
    appreciate it
    i think im going to go with the Tein CST coil overs
    heard some good things about them
    and can also be wired to the Tein EDFC which i might look at getting
    thanks for everything again
    where did you get your sway bar from?
    draider57 ·
    the roads here suck too
    lots of bumps and potholes here and there
    i want a nice ride though
    im not sure what to go with
    what does a sway bar do and do i really need one if im going to lower my car?
    draider57 ·
    do you like them?
    i was thinking about going with the tein basics but i hear that they squeak
    so im trying to find something else
    but i still might go with the basics
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