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  • jawlee ·
    I bought the rear camber with it but I don't have it on yet.
    Just as a heads up... I'm not sure if Albert told you but the bolts on the TSX tend to seize a lot. So expect some additional labor involved.
    jawlee ·
    hey sorry I've been busy lately so I haven't gone on much.
    I haven't tried the TEIN, however, they were initially the set i wanted before I found out H&R had coils. I'm loving the ride quality of the H&Rs. If you've seen my review, as stated, it definitely feels like the stock A3 / A4 ride. It's firm but yet still very comfortable. If the gf says it's comfortable, then u know how that goes. Question is mainly what you think you'll need in a set of coils. The H&R Street Perf Coils have shocks by Bilstein while the springs are H&R.
    If you think you'll track occasionally (eventhough the Tein SS isn't really meant for track anyways), you'll still be able to do dampening adjustment at the very least, whereas you won't be able to adjust anything on the H&Rs.
    If you're like me who doesn't track and car is a dd, then I recommend HR. I drive my car everywhere... and I don't have complaints. Only get the SS, if you want dampening adjustment. I hope that helps.
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