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  • plus.repped ·
    no one in particular comes to mind. is this something you don't want to try and install yourself? i doubt there is much difficulty involved!
    plus.repped ·
    it's on this saturday. shooting for 8 or 8:30 meet up. cruise it once, maybe twice depending, then grab some breakfast. details to follow.
    tsx&skate · look good.nothing un-usual.why did you feel like you were bouncing.i was falling asleep on the drive home.thank god for the LA highways and my car's suspension for keeping me up.
    Maiku ·
    I ended up using 235/40/18.. 255 on a 17" wheels shouldn't be a problem. Since you're on a +40, you may have to play around with camber and some mild fender work.
    Umm....I don't have the cup kit. I have koni w/ ground control. I believe cyn has the kit ur asking about.

    If I were u I would hold out for the tein comfort. Whether used or new. This is the ultimate in comfort u r seeking. Or ask cyn to take u for a spin before u pull the trigger on anything. GL!
    cYn ·
    I think the best way is for you to drive my car. Because I told this guy that it rides like stock on full soft. He then tells me that they are stiff even on full soft. Also, I don't know if you know this, but the super cup kit has rose in price. I don't know how much but the last time I heard, they don't sell the SP3 version and they jacked up the price. The SP3 version gives you 5 ride height adjustment while the other version gives you only 3 height adjustment.
    cYn ·
    Hmmm but I think you should expect a little bit more because mine wasn't even that bad. It was like a minor scrape more than a curb rash
    cYn ·
    Yea man just give him a call. He's a busy guy though so he might not be able to schedule in same day because he is very popular in the LA county when it comes to wheel repair. He does very good work and he's mobile so he doesn't have a shop.
    i have the first one: FLP cat with 2.50" piping. the 2nd one (test pipe) is less expensive/restrictive though and gives a little bit of a stink. both won't pass smog. i just swapped it out real quick with the oem cat to pass and then i swapped it back.
    CRiTTY333 ·
    So you have first pick. If you're in Cali I can probably do $80 shipped. Let me know ASAP. I have others interested.
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