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  • Agen2integra ·
    Honestly, it's pretty straight forward... I thought that the work was pretty easy getting the spring and strut assembly out. You will need a spring compressor so when you take your top hats off the spring doesn't blast you (at least that's what someone told me). Also, if you have air tools you will cut the time of the job in half. I would recommend using an impact wrench to get the nut back on to screw top hat back on. I'll PM you my email if you need a hand I don't mind stopping over. Mind you I'm no mechanic, I just find doing the work myself better than paying someone else.
    BKMDANO12 ·
    Oh ya, forgot to mention that I finally jumped underneath the car to see what was done to lower the TSX. I was hoping for some buddyclub coilovers! Wishfull thinking! Here's what I found. Comptech lowering springs with the original Honda shocks. Tein calipers with some rusty looking rotors that I cleaned!
    Maybe you can answer a question I had with suspension. I know that lowering the car compromises the smooth ride you have with the original setup that the TSX comes stock with. My car is tight and I can feel every bump in the road. Do coilovers like buddy club give you a smoother ride. I know a lot of cars in this club have them for the different height adjustments they can be set too.
    Starting to lean towards modifying the suspension and brake system first before I jump on some wheels and tires. Figuring out a master plan on how I want my TSX to look before I start shelling out a bunch of money!
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