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  • whiting ·
    Hey man, I submitted a thread selling coils off my wagon I recently traded in. The first one never went through, I didn't know if there was a way to make sure the one I just submitted actually posts? Thanks for the help!
    azntsx5AT ·
    Hey kevin,
    i posted an ad yesterday in tsx canada classifieds. its not up yet. I might have posted another one earlier today because i thot the first one didnt go through. If so, can you help me post the first one frmo yesterday and delete the one from today.

    alocubano ·
    Excuse me kevin but i have post in classifields but i don't see my post...
    Do you tell what happened ?!
    Thanks a lot .
    alocubano ·
    Hi, I'm french and noobie here ! I would like to post a "want to buy" but i don't see the post ... How can i do ? Thanks a lot .

    Bless341 ·
    Mayuga told me that you have the ultra racing bars. What is your feedback on these ? are they woth the money?
    KHAN ·
    Hi, I wanted to remove the Acura and TSX logos from the back on my 2008 TSX. Are those fixed with holes or just tape and any suggestions to remove them please.

    ILoveMyHonda ·
    I don't have the UR version of the bar near the headers but I have a Cusco 4point version, and that made a definite difference as well. So you have the UR side bars that go along the sideskirts? How did those feel?
    ILoveMyHonda ·
    Hi Kevin,

    If you are referring to to the 2point UR brace at the front most part of the car then yes. There is a definite night and day difference. If you already have an RSB, this UR front bar acts just like an RSB for the front. The car is just even that much MORE responsive and planted at the corners. The car feels like it's on rails. Get one you won't regret it. Now as far as ground clearance, there is no way you can drive your car slammed. You loose about 2-3 inches.
    - Jon
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