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  • cl9yayo ·
    Hey Bro,
    you still have the bumper and airbox??
    I stay in the Inland Empire and was wondering if i can pick them up ?
    ralal ·
    Hey, I'm a new member and I was wondering if you had any advice on what preformance chip I should get for my car.
    donkeybean ·
    Will you be willing to sell your Tein coilovers for $200 cash? I can pick up tomorrow evening. I work in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Let me know
    JDLST ·
    hey luwin. i was wondering if you knew anyone selling OEM headlight housings for cheap. i was involved in a hit and run and now im in need of a new driver side headlight. we've met a couple times at Tap and Tenju in 626
    tsx&skate ·
    thanks alot man!cyrus was great.tomorrow i have to check my rear suspension to see if anything is loose cuz my rear still kinda pulls weird when i hit a bump
    tsx&skate ·
    hey luwin!met you the day we were going to the meet at cerritos at tenju.i was told that you know of a good alignment shop cuz my car just feels really weird now.and i would like to go tomorrow to get it fixed.thanx =]
    iakonafuji ·
    i had an errand to run to Mr. Simons' room today and I stopped by and asked...
    Me: Mr. Simons, do you remember Luwin?
    Him: Oh yeah! Guitar player?
    Me: He's on my car forums and he says hi!
    Him: Groovy!

    hah. i just HAD to give the play-by-play to throw in his "groovy". He seems like a chill guy.
    TSeXy Girl ·
    Yeah, my bf grew up in Chicago so he shows me all the rad places cuz i grew up in the middle of nowhere wisconsin...we try to go as much as possible but it's sorta a drive from's really an amazing place. :nod:
    wong05tsx ·
    Yeah the list looks promising :). Thanks for calling..

    I've been in touch with Shawn, he's pretty fast with emails. We could definately make an event out it when we're all down there
    wong05tsx ·
    Hey Luwin, did you ever get a chance to call Churchs?

    The list looks like it has grown to ~6-8 people. I'm gonna email Shawn about this, too
    TSeXy Girl ·
    shiiitt the only place i ever see them is at the packer pro shop...but idk...i still rock my favre jersery cuz he's still my man...pwahaha but i'm still salty bout him leaving...and i'll be safe our cars are the bomb in snow!!! as far as being warm...hahaha that doesn't happen in wisco in winter!!! :p
    TSeXy Girl ·
    i used to practically live in madison...during my college years...hahahaa...but now I live in a suburb of green bay so like a 2 hour drive it'd say...and i know this winter is insane!!! getting anywhere is a pain ..i'm sick of it already!!!! and this shit just started:squint:
    LiLaSiiAn8 ·
    I went to the place NEXT to Cyrus (it was weird...) but the guy did a really good job. Temple City something but man, what a cool guy. Good prices, quick service, nothing more you can ask for... oh... but my car is SLAMMMED! BTW I said hi to Albert too.. ::wink wink::
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