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  • Ratchet ·
    saw on the rear diffusser discussion that your located in Knoxville. Im about an hour to the east in the tri cities.dont know anyone else around with a love for tsx's, so i thought id message you. maybe we could exchange numbers and meet up sometime when theres a meet going on. and your car is clean btw
    rakeshb10 ·
    Hey MMsTSX,
    New to the forum - know a little about cars, but not an expert in any way. I saw your post that had recommended servicing up to 300K Miles. Great post. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and drive a 2004 Acura TSX (normal condition, I assume).

    I agree that modern-day oil does not need to need to be changed every 5000KM like the dealer suggests. It's a waste of money. When you mentioned that it should be changes 10000K MILES, which is the equivalent of 16000KM, is this on regular Honda motor oil? or is this using Synthetic?

    Please let me know.

    TessieTSX ·
    I am going to purchase your grille that u have for sale. I replied on ur thread but I rather go thru private message. Is it difficult to swap the A for H in the future? I dont know if I want to swap the A's just yet but ya never know. Does it need to be painted? My TSX is the nighthawk black. Please just let me know asap. Paypal ok to make payment?
    MMsTSX ·
    just tell them it's cleavage man, everyone can appreciate cleavage.
    it's just the back kind instead of the front >.<
    MMsTSX ·
    Thanks! looks like I lied about my birthday though :(
    it's really in July and I'm really only 30. LOL.

    thanks kindly though.
    MMsTSX ·
    nah, never really considered that. I ordered the spoon a-arms and that will probably
    take care of my problem. the problem lies in waiting for the damn a-arms to get over
    here from Japan...
    zildjonkim ·
    Have you considered shaving some of the back pad on the wheels to maybe bring the Offset up to like 45? It's something that some shops do, but I was never sure if that was a good/safe option.
    MMsTSX ·
    yes, yes I do.
    but there are issues. for one, these wheels rub HARD. I tried simply tucking
    the fender liners, but that's of no use. with stock fenders these rims are within
    a few mm's of being flush, so I have to roll the front fenders for them to fit. so
    that's gonna take a while to get done and the car isn't going anywhere until that
    does get done. I'd rather not tear up my liners anymore if I can avoid it. and
    instead of rolling my fenders, which I don't want to do, I may just get the Spoon A-arms
    and run a bunch of negative camber and rotate every 2-5k miles. that might be the
    road I take. but it's not going anywhere for a photo shoot for a while. I have a new
    bumper coming, and other new stuff for the exterior I want installed before I do a shoot.
    ShzaTSX ·
    Hey you NEED to get a photoshoot of your car on the sa70s those are my dream wheels and I KNOW they are looking sick on CGP!! Pleeeease make a thread in the 1st gen photo gallery for all of us.
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