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  • NBPCL9Atl ·
    Hey Marcus i have a question about the 07-08 TSX Part # i need to be searching for on eBay to get the correct Manual ECU for our 06 TSX.

    I have read 37820-RBB-A21 is MT and 37820-RBB-A71 is the AT but when i go to most Acura Parts sites to get the part number its listed as 37010-RBB-505

    SO CONFUSING!!! I don't want to loose my reverse lock out. I know you sell them new i just want to try to find a used one before on turn FlashPro into CashPro if you feel me. Thank sir. The Strut Bar is still working and looking amazing. Thank you again for shipping it out free for Jason Birthday your the man!!

    ILoveMyHonda ·
    Hey Marcus, is the JDM order list in your thread a "definitey plan to order" list or are we supposed to contact you individually? I might want to change or add a few items.
    tsxlife ·
    Hey Marcus I got a Supplier for you, I guess your prices arn't that bad afterall.
    Super GT Limited - Online Shop

    Contact Dennis if you need any parts - [email protected] he's a really cool dude.
    teepo112 ·
    hi marcus,
    maybe u can take a poll and see how many ppl would like to get the lip. ive seen some numbers of ppl asking where to buy, etc. im very interested myself. what would be the minimum # for a possible discount including hardware? thanks!
    CL9 2NV ·
    I would like to know the availability on front & rear euro r lips
    for an 06 tsx in cgp, also what would be the shipping cost to salinas ca.?
    flyhigh118 ·
    Hey Marcus, i was wondering about the fitment about the 5zigen header on a 06+ auto. I was wondering how was fitment and if there was any modification that needs to be done. I called a long while back about it and i havent seen anything on the forums of any members having it on. Thanks.
    CL9 2NV ·
    I wanted to know the availability of the a-spec front & rear lips
    for 06 tsx in the cgp color thanx.
    hfkuan ·
    Do you sell kics metal hubcentric rings for the TSX that are compatible with the 10mm projec kics spacers?
    Hey what all do you have for a 04-05 TSX CGP??? Im looking for JDM EURO R radiator cover, Grill with all the Badges, and the JDM EURO R ACCORD Sills. please let me know what you have in stock so I know what to order from your site without having to wait 90days lol. thanks!
    KTZeen ·
    Hey Marcus, I live in Canada Toronto.
    I was wondering which coilover kit you could recommend to me for my 04 TSX. I dont drive on the tracks, mostly looking for comfort, quality, performance and adjustable height.

    Can you possibly provide me with the price for the kit including shipping.

    Thanks Marcus!
    EuRo-R NoOb562 ·
    hey marcus, i ordered the euroR kit and i was wondering wats the estimating time that i would be able to recieve it? name is under charles danh and my order id was #4917
    IntegraGSR23 ·

    Do you still have David's RB rotors still? If so, I was wondering if I can arrange to pick them up tomorrow. Thanks in advance
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