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  • apexi_bb6 ·
    Just saw your message on the kteller exhaust, havent stopped by in a while. Im not really looking to mess with the exhaust right now Im trying to save up for suspension work while finishing my prelude at the same time. If getting this done means me joining the group buy let me know and ill see if I can scrape up some cash in the next week or so. -Nathan
    gawdom ·
    55318, i live in punkass mini soda lol sorry for the delay, been buried with shit to take care of and thanks for keeping me in the loop.
    crix868 ·
    Thanks for the info but I'm looking for a single exhaust setup but will have to read more on the post to see if it's something I want to get in on.
    That Clean Look ·
    I have a 2nd gen...2010 to be exact. I realized late in the thread that it was for 1st gens :-/
    If he's from Gainesville then maybe I can contact him myself. Do you happen to have his info?
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