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  • Peregrine ·
    :) was planning on getting it, but it's ridiculously expensive and totally not worth the price so I may leave the lip I have now. Thanks.
    hip ·

    Just installed Trillian, haven't used it in a while so I need to set it up. Shoot me your AIM, MSN, Yahoo whatever and I will add you in.

    hip ·

    I like what you've done with the DIY/FAQ section I started way back, it's much improved - nice work!

    Thought you might find some of my DIY's helpful to include?

    - Spoiler Install

    - Oil Change Tip - "Prefilling Filter"

    - TPMS Anyone?
    TPMS Anyone? - Forums

    - Litter Bucket / Tissue Dispenser
    Litter Bucket / Tissue Dispenser - Forums

    - Shock Replacement (93 Accord SE)
    Shock Replacement - Forums

    - Other installs and mods (Picasa Web Albums)
    Picasa Web Albums - hiptech

    > 2007 Accord SE Overhead Console Retrofit
    > 2004 TSX One-Touch Sunroof Module Install
    > 2004 TSX Rear Trunk Panel Upholstered
    > 2004 TSX LED Retrofit
    > 2004 TSX Racing Pedals Install
    > 2004 TSX USASpec iPod Interface Install
    > 2004 TSX Front Spoiler Install
    > 2004 TSX Fog Lamp Install
    > 2004 TSX Side Trunk Storage Mod
    > 2004 TSX V1 Remote Install

    Let me know if you can use of any of these (or want to?) - Might possibly be helpful?
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