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  1. H Street Tires Rules

    Autocross & Road Racing
    I think I done goofed. According to the AutoX Street rules: 13.4 WHEELS Any type wheel may be used provided it complies with the following: A. It is the same width as standard and as installed it does not have an offset more than ±7.00 mm (±0.275”) from a standard wheel for the car. The...
  2. H Street Tires Rules

    Autocross & Road Racing
    Howdy All! I'm a new owner of a 2005 TSX with stock (215/50R17) All-Weather Tires with a +55mm offset on rims. I know tires are the most important thing you should get for any car autocrossing. However, H Street Rules seem to allow any size tire as long as its within +/- 1" Rim size, and within...