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  • bryansmTSX13 ·
    Hey sorry to be late on this but I just became an owner of a black 2013 Acura TSX and I am looking for a rear wing like the one your friend is making. I was wondering if he could make one for a 2nd generation?

    Also would he be able to do a rear spoiler lip as well?

    Im in NY a lot as well. In Queens, was just in Queens Village on SpringField ave this past weakend.
    riceboydrew ·
    vacuum leak in your car? hmmm what was the cuase of this leak? yea send pictures all around if you can. Also, when you installed it did it idle rough?
    aznboi0204 ·
    Hey your PM was full

    The RBC is brand new pretty much. I installed it and turned on the car but there was a vacuum leak so I took it off and its been off since. I'll try to get you pictures but its about 15lbs. Shipping would be 18 dollars to 11358. I'll get you pics as soon as I can but my cousin took the camera yesterday to upload pictures from China unless you don't mind cell phone picture.
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