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  • tsxpert ·
    The weather is def. nice today. If I would of saw this earlier!! We can meet up Sunday morning around noon. Suppose to be a little more cloudy but dry and warmer. Let me know if that works. I'm always down. I just work this morning and am busy after. Then at least I can try and get a few others out. You can just text me. 206-612-7743 easier to talk.
    tsxpert ·
    Yo I don't know if you have heard about the triple xxx meet in Issaquah tomorrow. Well i guess today haha. Suppose to be 500+ cars. You should roll thru. I know that's your side of town!
    tsxpert ·
    Yeah it was coo. Turned out to be a bunch of friends from the south end that get together and drive around and grab something to eat. take pictures. It was legit. We ended up meeting down in renton and then all drove to china town to eat. Then back to renton. They do it about every week. Sometimes more cars then other times. You should join us sometime. Euro R and me are trying to get the northwest forum back up and running. Get more TSX's to show up.
    tsxpert ·
    Yo I was invited to a TSX and S2000 only meet and cruise this Saturday at 11:00am in Renton if you are free and want to roll together not sure how long it is or where exactly but I can let you know. I should have more info tomorrow. I'm located up north but could meet you in Bellevue since you're on the plato. Let me know. You can also hit me up. 206-612-7742 text preferred.
    ucambo ·
    Nope nothing new at all. But definitely need some waxing done too lol. There might be a meet soon. Ima try and go to it if i have time.
    InLine4 ·
    Hey wassup man...i was wondering if you could answer some questions about the buddy club coilovers
    i am looking to get the N+ spec and i wanted to know if they come with the upper pillow mounts and if you recommend them
    Faz ·
    Hi mate,

    Im from England (UK). I have a 03 TSX as you guys call it. How low have you decked your ride? Where did you buy the coilovers from? Im after some.


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