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  • BobCov ·
    Do you still live in Germany? Do you think I should bring my 1998 3.5RL to Berlin? Is it too big to park and too hard to get parts? What is your opinion? I'm hoping maybe it will be such an oddity that people might want to buy it.
    Thank you for your time... Bob
    VTEC4ME ·
    Hi Spoony!

    I'm from Sweden and i own Honda Accord Type S 06. I see that you own almost the same car and i like to ask you where did you buy Rotora big brake kit to Type S?!
    I drive very often on track and i need much better brakes. For couple month ago i order it brake pads from TSX but they did not fit.

    I plan to take trip to Germany to Nurburgring some time in september so i will be very thankfull if you let me know where did you buy Rotora big brake kit and if they are specielt made for European Accord or they are made for Acura TSX but they fit our car without any problems??? And i see that you have other barke rotor then oem. What kind of brake rotor you have and where you buy them to?
    I really hope so that you gonna help me with my qustion??!!

    You can send me a mail! My mail is: [email protected]

    Greetings from Sweden
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