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  • RSXtoTSX ·
    I've read that one before. Also read a thread where you posted single or dual wouldn't matter if you're running 3". I'm going to run dual purely for looks but would like performance out of it as well. Was only wondering what your opinion was of going to 2.5" after the y split or if it would be better performance wise staying 3" all the way through. Thanks for your response
    RSXtoTSX ·
    Hey tottenham. I've been following a lot of your posts recently and you seem to really know your stuff. I'm trying to put together a custom 3" mandrel dual exhaust (going dual for aesthetics) and was wondering if you know or would have an opinion on if it would make a noticeable difference in performance going from 3" to 2.5" after the Y split? Would I be better off just going 3" all the way through? Would really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.
    gardel ·
    tottenham, you think changing the tranny fluid will do? I mean, did you have this issue in yours? Car shifts fine, but the noise it makes reminds me of a rally car form the copkit
    Grounded ·
    I dont want to clog up that thread anymore. But I would like to continue our debate.

    I understand how your particular mods have directly affect the throttle response.
    And im sure it made a huge difference compared to stock. Since letting it breathe in and out easier is very important to the flowing characteristics of an engine.

    I just think that another way to free up the lag between gears would possibly be as simple as using a lighter flywheel. Years ago when I first got the car I had the same complaint and remember hearing of a device that sped up the DBW sensitivity and helped with the lag part between hitting the pedal and the car noticing.

    I would be curious to see if a real EURO R has this problem since they dont have the K24A2 but the K20A
    red06x ·
    Very helpful to have the photos of the cat heat shield before/after. Do the bolts thread into separate nuts or into a threaded part of one of the shields? I can't tell from the photos if I need 2 wrenches or will just be turning the bolt (unless everything is rusted together and needs to be cut. . .)
    pooseatr ·
    hey if you can scan the instructions on replacing the actuator for the driver door lock it would be very much appreciated !
    darktsx ·
    alright thanks man appreciate it hopefully ill also be picking up some type1s soon and if you dont mind me anking what exhaust you have pictured in your exhaust album looks like a nice setup anyways appreciate the time a lot -JP
    darktsx ·
    hey bro just wondering about your coilovers? are they the ht spec type one tried and true with just hieght adjustability or are they dampening as well? im trying to get some info on the type ones ride thanks a lot for any help you could give me
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