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  • shay654 ·
    How nice! Looks really fun! I love family vacays and camping trips! I miss those! As I got older it became fewer and fewer! We used to have one annually! :( I haven't gone camping this year! :(

    But yeah, Anna just sent me a text today! hahaha She probably saw us talking about her! hahahaha
    shay654 ·
    Yikes, glad you're better! Where'd you go for your vacation! I was thinking of taking a ME vacation to Hawaii! hahaha I was supposed to go visit my parents in the motherland for my grandpa's 100th bday, but I can't find my passport! :( So, I decided to just stay stateside and go elsewhere! I don't want to waste what's left of my vacay! I took a week from my two weeks earlier for someone *ahem* if you know what I mean! hahaha And now I only have 10 days left of it and I just want to get away from everything and just relax and enjoy! You know?!

    Yeah, it would be nice to go with someone but none of my friends can go and just decided might as well use this time for ME time! hahaha So, hopefully that goes through! Or I'm stuck staying local! hahahaha So, I think ima book it now! hahahaha

    Well, hope everything is cool! Have you talked to Anna banana?! She's been MIA! Seems like everyone else is these days! hahahaha
    shay654 ·
    hahahaha Awwwe...that sounds hella fun forrrealz! We gotta 3way eachother sometime! I'm sure our convos will be hilarious! hahahahaahha

    And that sucks that you don't like seafood! :( Sushi is the BOMB! And what me and Anna had it was called GANJA ROLL! hahaha Too bad there wasn't any ganja in that roll! hahah jk But yeah, Alan doesn't like seafood much eachother but he actually eats SUSHI! hahaha
    azn120 ·
    How was Transformers? LOLOL got your text, DAMN ppl showed up earlier than 1 hour prior to the movie!!! WOW!

    HAHAHA you know it! Damn swine flu! Interrogator! :laugh:
    azn120 ·
    Nah nah, they're not on yet. Still waiting for centre caps! :) They should arrive soon though, hopefully next week. LOL nothing is on the car yet....I'll put everything on at the same time.

    Pics pics! :)
    shay654 ·
    It was cool, it could've been BETTER! I wanted to head down to L.A. that weekend and I found plane tickets for a STEAL, but I had no way of getting out of my responsibilities at work on a Friday! Too obvious to call in sick on Memorial Day weekend, ya know?! And low and behold, my nurse manager told me that I could have a day off on Friday and BOOM...I missed the opportunity to buy those cheapy plane tickets! I couldn't find them anymore and since I had already gave up on the idea since I didn't think I was gonna get that day off, I made other plans! I had a party at a club and bbq with the fambam!

    So yeah, it would've been a perfect weekend! I could've left for L.A. on Friday, came back on Saturday for the club, and then Sunday with the fambam! But regardless, it was still a fun birthday! Only thing missing was you know, hehehehe Oh well, this coming week will make up for it! ;)

    So, how you been?! When you coming to visit?! hahahaha I'll throw a TSXclub bbq again in your honor! hahaha

    But still fun nonetheless!
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