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  1. Relocation from Utah to Chicago

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    Hey, Planning to have a shift from Utah to Chicago. I need to join my new company on 15th November 2019. So, I was checking out for some services who can help me out in the moving procedures. I have a lot to shift, including all my home furniture. Any suggestions? Personally, I can't do it...
  2. Thoughts about glidecam for dslr

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    Hi! I'm a photographer and I'm a fan of Acura, so my passion is to take pictures or shot videos of Acura cars. Recently I bought a DSLR camera to improve the quality of my pictures but as it turned out, my arms started hesitating... I asked for my friends to help me in this question, and they...
  3. Online dating and Cougars

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    All I hear from girls on there are how many jerk off, asshole dirt balls are creeping and infecting that site. Endless parade of fucktards and desperate hand junkies. I did it lol. Got a great girl I wouldn't believe would be on there but she told me horror stories of stalker emails her and her...