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  • Trunkz64 ·
    Wong I saw set of wheels I was wondering what are the specs for works vs-xx. I got someone selling their set 18x7.5 +42 front and 18x9 +48 rear. I was wondering if those will fit on our ride. It coming from a s2k. The guy says it might not fit because the caliper might hit the rim. I would like to know before buying from him.
    stevejojo ·
    Hi Wong,

    I saw in a thread that you have the TL rims on your TSX. I just bought a used TSX. Here are the specs:

    06 5at
    A-spec suspension
    A-spec body
    TL A-spec 18" rims

    There's a chance I can get my brother in law's rims off a 2005 TL. Do you think I should run 235/45/17s or 235/50/17s? or 225/45/17 or 225/50/17?

    I live in NYC so the smoother the ride the better. Thanks!
    theaznboywunder ·
    Hey! Quick question, what DICE unit are you running and what adapter for the iPhone 5? I've got a DICE Duo with the .2M cable and my iPhone says "Accessory not supported".
    i<3euro ·
    well i just called him and he told me that he need it adapters just for the back cuz it was rubbing just in the read but than he added spacers all around
    i<3euro ·
    he was ridding witout spacers good wit no problems but than he add the spacer to take out the wheels more so it look kind of flush lol
    Vegito ·
    In N, the humming is louder, in drive, humming is gone. My wasn't a ticking, its more of like humming and gets loud and sort of grinding. So when I was at the shop, the guy told me my accessory tensioner was rattling.. I thought it was something else also, because it only happens between N & drive. In drive, you dont hear it, i guess maybe because other parts of the car was noisy.
    Johnny.Ly ·
    I kind of regret not going 225/35, but I didn't want too much tire stretching especially since I daily the car. i'm running 19x9/9.5. 225/35 should clear just fine.
    IntegraGSR23 ·
    If you can kindly remove Travis, Juan, Thomas. They are no longer goin. THanks. That way the head count is somewhat accurate..ALso what should us SoCal ppl bring?
    plusONE TSX ·
    You're not crazy. It's possible, you just need to stretch em good. My SP1's were 19x10
    +37 in the back. They fit coo but the tires were like 275. lol

    My Scara's are 18x9/10 +27. 215/40 fronts and 225/40 rears
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