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  1. 05 TSX AT shifting problem

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Nice job Lee!
  2. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
  3. February 2009 TSX of the Month!

    TSX of the Month!
    sleeping it up
  4. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    K&N is a pretty good, trustworthy company so ill probably slap one of those on it... ps i ordered the 2.8 incher
  5. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    does a better filter make a big difference for a cheap intake?
  6. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    ^lol.. yeah i looked around and im pretty sure im going HPS with upgraded filter.. i was looking at icebox but i want the noice
  7. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    i live in fl where its wet and hot so id rather not sri.. does the 2.8 inch instead of 3 inch make a big difference?
  8. What do you guys think?

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    yeah thats what i was thinking, get what you pay for.. fake as hell..
  9. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    im really not in it for the hp gains either, more so for the sound and slight throttle response.. im just not sure whats different and why they can charge more (probably for the name such as anything). And if they are really all the same, then would throwing a k&n or other name brand filter on a...
  10. which intake?

    1st Gen - Engine, ...
    Im looking at putting an intake into the TSX, but I'm not sure which one. the k&n typhoon 69 is an alright intake, but is cheaper then the injen rival. Is it worth the exra 40 bucks for a little more power? Injen: INJEN CAI COLD AIR INTAKE 04-08 ACURA TSX 4CYL +10HP | eBay K&N: K&N Cold Air...
  11. What do you guys think?

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    thats what it thought.. idk
  12. What do you guys think?

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    2+1 PERFORMANCE CHIP ACURA TSX 2004-2008 2007 2006 2005 | eBay Saw this "performance chip" on ebay and was excited for a second because of the price, but then scared because of the price. I noticed Hondata doesnt flash the ecu or sell kits for 08 specific tsx, but i dont want to buy...
  13. Consumer Reports picks best used cars for teens [w/video]

    Automotive Discussion
    i got my tsx when i was 16 lol, guess im doing something right
  14. TAMPA!!!! whos out here

    South East
    I live about 10 mins away so it would be cool for a tampa meet
  15. Looking for someone to powdercoat rims black

    South East
    I have an 08 Glacier blue metalic tsx with the stock rims ( and i like them but being a guy with a baby blue car.. you get it.. i was looking for someone around Tampa, FL to powder coat the rims black for relatively cheap...
  16. My list of annoying issues

    1st Gen - Problems and Fixes
    My 2008 has 40k miles and the rotors are already warped... lots of shaking after slowing down from high speed, but fine when slow. It was leased before i bought it so the previous "owner" :ohsnap: probably beat the hell out of it. Also i thought it was strange that there is space between my...
  17. New Owners: How's your TSX?

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    I've had my 2008 TSX in Glacier Blue Metallic for a few months now, and I'm only 17, but this is a great car.. It's one of the best cornering cars I've ever driven, it has some good pickup being a non-turbo 4 cylinder, but my favorite sound is the engine note at the high 7.5k rev. As for the...
1-17 of 17 Results