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  1. Less is more! Kevin's 2nd Gen

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
    Clean rims
  2. My 2013 Accord Euro

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
    I'd sell a baby for those Headlights....slick navi also... Do you have an i4 diesel(not even sure if thats offered) cuz it looks different from my i4 engine bay for some reason or its just me lol
  3. TSX CCFL headlights

    2nd Gen - Electronics, ...
    These are a pass....ebay will never match up to OEM quality IMHO
  4. my build thread

    TSX Build Threads
    Good taste, Maya Trafficstars are naaaaice
  5. ´09 CU1 2l Accord Executive from norway. progress pictures.

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
    Lotsa work done, good job! I need that aero bumper badly
  6. new look

    2nd Gen - Aerodynamics
    Haha this has to be v2 cuz the fitment altho there is a gap looks better from the pictures. Plans to paint match?

    2nd Gen - Wheels, ...
    Could be lower but nice nonetheless, + points for the Mugen grille and CDM headlights
  8. new look

    2nd Gen - Aerodynamics
    Heeltoe? You must have his v2 nose?
  9. Lakefront Toronto Season Opener - May 4th

    Canada East
    1st time seeing this vid...SIIIIIIIICK
  10. Lakefront Toronto Season Opener - May 4th

    Canada East
    1. Lexx 2. Vinny 3. Recreant 4. DDT 5. Rexdale_Tiger 6. bolesun1 7. willy18 8. bcp0715 9. JHMCL9 10. Mr. NC 11.
  11. Toronto TSX meet - May 4th

    Canada East
  12. Toronto TSX meet - May 4th

    Canada East
    So what time is the west end meet @ sq1? still 2 right if I read that right? Recreant I'm down to meet up at Tims before hand but if you going ahead to the park to shoot video no probs braaaah. PM me your FB? (If you have) I don't go on the forums as often as I like cuz of work and what not
  13. Few pics from trip to Cars and Coffee

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
    Nice pics! clearly the hi-res are here while the celly pics are on the other forum lol
  14. Toronto TSX meet - May 4th

    Canada East
    SOOOOOOO ready for this
  15. Toronto TSX meet - May 4th

    Canada East
    Yeah I'm in for a bro-roll-in I haven't seen your car around tho. not sure if you seen mine.
  16. Enkei Japan FS-01 18x9 25+ square set up

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    Damn thse are in toronto too....set looks gorgeous
  17. What do you guys think I powder coated my stock gunmetal

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
    Looks bout some low angle + closer shots? Centercaps FTL like everyone said tho
  18. VIP tsx

    2nd Gen - Image Gallery
  19. Toronto TSX meet - May 4th

    Canada East
    I'm in on this, hopefully this comes thru, 1G 2G roll out! Recreant I'm from Milton too, it's going to be quite a drive wherever we go lol
1-20 of 158 Results