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  1. Recently Installed HID Fogs

    2nd Gen - Electronics, ...
    Yeah I am glad myself. Thanks for replies and help. Really appreciate it. :):thumbsup:
  2. CCFL Halo Rings LED Strip Projectors

    2nd Gen - Electronics, ...
    I was looking to get them for over a year now and was hesitating because couldn't find any reviews whatsoever. However I took the risk and bought them. Until I put it on my car I was bit nervous and worried and what not. But I must say I am very satisfied with my purchase. They look sick and...
  3. Recently Installed HID Fogs

    2nd Gen - Electronics, ...
    No I should've mentioned this as well but when they were stock, the fogs turned on itself with the headlights at night, which didn't happen after installing the HIDs. Before they use to turn on when I lock and unlock my car, but now it doesn't happen. This is what I actually meant to say. Sorry...
  4. Recently Installed HID Fogs

    2nd Gen - Electronics, ...
    I recently purchased Xentec HID Fog conversion kit online and got in installed by a local workshop. When I left from there I forgot to check if the fogs were working or not and I got home and realized that they are not working. Since they were closed and it was weekend I couldn't contact them...
  5. Need help deciding

    2nd Gen - Wheels, ...
    First I was looking to get 19" rims and lowering the car, but then I thought that I can't lower my car from factory height because of the driveway of my house, so basically now I am thinking to get 18" rims without lowering the car. So just wanted opinion if that would work and look good.
  6. Not a new member

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    Did you lower the car after installing the rims?
  7. Not a new member

    Member Intro
    Oh and 19" rims or 18" rims? Any customization needed to be done for the 19" rims? I clearly have no idea what needs to be done in order to install custom wheels.
  8. Not a new member

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    Ha okay. So Should I get the CCFL halo rings headlight? It is so hard to decide because they're no reviews for them.
  9. Not a new member

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    Yeah I am not sure how it would look so just trying to get opinions of other people. And I appreciate your honest answer. Would your opinion change for other parts if I do it cf wrap?
  10. Not a new member

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    that's quite a list you gave me there, can you recommend few websites to get rims from? I have been looking at some websites and didn't find one that I really liked. However, rims/tires/kits are something that I am planning to get as times goes just because they're so expensive and I am not at...
  11. Not a new member

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    I am not exactly a new member because I have been following tsxclub since I got my 09 PWP tsx. I am looking to mod my car in just the category of appearances. Not exactly sure yet so researching what I could possible do. Having said that, I will gladly accept any recommendations/help. So far I...
  12. Looking to get 19" rims for 09 tsx

    2nd Gen - General Car Topics
    Hi, I have had my tsx over a year now and I am finally looking to do few mods on it and one of them is getting 19" rims. My question is, does any custom changes need to be done in order to fit the 19" rims?
1-12 of 12 Results