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  1. 2007 TSX Manual Wrecked selling as is

    TSX Classifieds
    Hi all, this is a feeler post for a wrecked 07 TSX with 263k on her. Completely stock otherwise other than the sergeBo tune. Car has frontal damage, no other damage. Engine seems to be okay. Clutch was recently replaced as were the ball joints. OEM alternator and starter as well as the slave and...
  2. Purchase advice on an 07 with only 29k

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hey everyone, currently have a 04 Volvo S60 with 200k as my daily driver and looking for something with a little better reliability. Found a 2007 TSX with supposedly only 29k miles. Assuming the mileage is accurate (Carfax confirmed it was for what it's worth :) ), does the fact that the car is...
  3. Trying to purchase a TSX

    Dealership Experience
    What are your guys tips and tricks to buying a used TSX? Anything I can do to get the dealer to reduce the price, like something that usually goes wrong/old ~100,000 mileage range. I heard something of either the steering rack, the transmission, and the wheel bearings could be something I can...
  4. Should I buy a 2007 TSX with 160k miles on it?

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    The guy seem to have taken decent care of the car. Carfax doesn't show me all the service records but he said he replaced struts recently. Not sure about water pump. Are there any red flags on this model at this mileage? Test drive was fine. I am definitely getting a PPI.
  5. BrutalPineapple's 2007 DGP TSX Build Thread

    TSX Build Threads
    Hello everyone. Finally decided to make a build thread. I'm a very proud owner of a 2007 Deep Green Pearl TSX AT. I've had the car for about 2 months now and I love it. I still miss my 97 Integra LS though. Just taking care of all the maintenance right now before I start doing mods. I am pretty...
  6. Help!

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    Hello, So I'm wondering if anyone of you can tell me if i should get this car. Its a 2007 Tsx with the aspec package with 145k going 8.5. Do you think this is to many miles?
  7. WTB: 1st Gen 2006-2008 TSX Manual (Bay Area)

    TSX for Sale
    Looking for 06-08 tsx manual Clean title Stock Prefer black interior and mileage <110,000 Please email me what you have (year, color, mileage, general location and price) Appreciated!
  8. Should I buy this 2007 TSX?? Thoughts please :)

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hey everybody, I just found a garage kept, 2007 Black TSX Manual transmission with 47,000 miles owned by one of my professors. I have 2 questions. 1) What do you think this car is worth, KBB says around 12,000 in excellent condition? 2) Currently I own an RSX and would be selling it for a...
  9. WTB: 1st Gen WTB 07/08 6 speed manual

    TSX for Sale
    Hello all, I'm new to the club and am desperately looking for a 07' or 08' 6 speed for sale in the southeast region. I recently sold my 06' RSX-S and refuse to buy anything that is not acura. I'm in Georgia. Only requirements is it has to have less than 90K in miles and can not be red in color...
  10. WTB: 1st Gen 2006 - 2008 PWP 6-speed manual

    TSX for Sale
    I'm trying to buy a TSX ranging from 2006 - 2008 with a manual transmission and decent mileage. Also, I live in the Toronto area. Please message me if you know anyone or have seen anyone selling one with the above criteria. Thanks! Omari
  11. new member from DE

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    hey, guys and gals just joined the club tonight, my names Dre, not gettin much Zzz's (who needs it anyway?). bought a silver 2007 TSX in December and I've decided its about time to start putting some work into it...i've done some basic searches but nothing spectacular so I was wondering if I...
  12. Hondata Flaspro

    TSX Classifieds Archives
    I want to buy the 2007-2010 TSX Hondata Flashpro if anyone has it for sale, please let me know, and give a price. Thanks.
  13. White Reflective Housing

    1st Gen - Electronics, ...
    Hey guys, This is my first thread so be easy on me.. I'm not even sure if I posted in the correct thread haha. This is my idea for my 2007 TSX headlight: Opening up the headlights (since I'm already retrofitting a bunch of other stuff in there) and painting the reflective housing white.. if you...
  14. 2007 TSX speaker upgrade

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Just bought an 07 TSX without Navi. Has anyone had success swapping out the factory speakers? What size fits the front and rear doors? Do you recommend getting an amp (what specs)? Thanks in advance! :laugh:
  15. new 07 TSX

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    Hey all, Just got a 07 TSX a few days ago. 6 speed MT Carbon Gray Pearl Will post some pictures in a couple days. Wondering what are some good first step mods? (coming from 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg w/ TT shortshifter, exhaust, and REVO chip) Loving the TSX so far!
  16. Purchase advice - 2007 TSX

    1st Gen - General Car Topics
    Hi all, Have been looking at a 2007 TSX here in Canada at a local Honda dealer. 86,000kms on the odo and it's a Ontario (Toronto area) car. Took it for a test drive and the front end was quite noisy over bumpy surfaces. I suggest they look at it thinking it could be the struts or bushings...
  17. 2007 Nissan Altima "Yup" TV ad

    Automotive Discussion
    Does anyone know where i can find the 1:00min. TV Ad/commercial? The only one i could find is the 30 sec. one... YouTube - 2007 Nissan Altima "Yup" TV Commercial