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    After having my vtc actuator replaced twice and my oil control valve my vehicle still rattles on start up after sitting for some time. Mostly in cold weather. AFTER VTC REPLACEMENT! Acura TSX Any suggestions?
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    I am trying to tighten my parking brake in my 2009 tsx but I am having trouble accessing the tightening nut. I am following the directions in the picture attached but I cannot even budge the lid in step B. Does anyone know how to open this lid.
  3. 2nd Gen - Problems and Fixes
    Hello fellow tsxers, I have 09 tsx sedan base model with 105K ODO. Last week I got Check Transmission with engine light on and car jerking and went to local mechanic , he scanned the car and said shift solenoid C gone bad. I called my local dealer here in STL , they told Solenoid C cost $500+...
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    Thanks for looking!
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